GO WITH THE FLOW: Bronchiolitis

by Jess Kelly, MD (’21)
Justin Berk, MD (Med-Peds Hospitalist)

Episode #2 of The Cribsiders podcast (a sub-cast of the popular medical podcast The Curbsiders) produced by Hasbro Pediatrics Resident, Jess Kelly, MD and Med-Peds Hospitalist, Justin Berk, MD, featuring guest Brian Alverson, MD, Hasbro Pediatrics Hospitalist.


  • Written and Produced by: Jessica Kelly MD  
  • Infographic: Jessica Kelly MD  
  • Cover Art: Christopher Chiu MD
  • Hosts: Justin Berk MD and Christopher Chiu MD
  • Editor:Justin Berk MD; Clair Morgan of nodderly.com
  • Guest(s): Brian Alverson MD