by Vasu SureshKumar (’22)

Arteries are red
veins are blue
this month was something exciting and new

It gave me the opportunity to teach cardiology 
with some lectures with discussions of radiology
but definitely allowed me to explore my teaching style to teach the crew

Fetal circulation pre and post transition 
analyzing the first breath’s final mission
Entering this life and flipping a lot to red from blue 
From birth to what happens when the baby grew 

Foramen Ovale and PDA
such interesting biological adaptations we sure do make 
and don’t forget those ASDs, VSDs that might be part of you 
reassuring that you can fix holes in the heart, that’s certainly true 

Now cyanotic heart diseases are so important to understand
From Tetralogy of Fallot, Transposition to Hypoplastic heart…our knowledge, we seek to expand 
The repairs are equally as fascinating to learn 
When you do conservative measures vs. when there should be concern 

It is so imperative to have an understanding of these cardiology topics at hand 
You never know at your job when this knowledge will be in demand 

This wonderful month of teaching comes to an end 
thank you to all those who took time to attend 
your daily participation, I do commend